English subculture

What is subculture? – It is a culture within a culture 2. Name some of the subcultures you know. – Hip-hop, memo, hooligan & hippie 3. What subculture is represented in the picture? – Hip-Hop Why are members of the group easily recognizable? – Because they are getting ready to go on stage themselves 4. What is stereotyping? Give example of stereotypes. – Its a way of seeing people. E. G. The Germans are drinking a lot of beer 5. How might people stereotype you? – As a person who like to have fun and party! Reading 1. Describe the poll featured in the article. Statistics about children answered by adults 2.
What words and expressions were used by adult Britons to describe children? Animal, feral, vermin 3. What is general perception of today’s children and young people in – Beginning to behave like animals and that they are increasing the danger to society 4. Are British youngsters as criminal as they believed to be? – Not at all they are only responsible for 12 % not 50 % 5. What percentage of crime in the KICK is committed by young people? 12 % Geeks/ nerd: What is distinctive about the group Geeks are shy, love games or an other geek things (Math, school, magna, nine, science and many more things).
Many are not good to talk to new people. Some are very lonely and don’t go out much. Because of that are they bullied by many. But there are many geeks, so they find each other. What attitude is shown by its members towards dress and interests? Geeks is not interested in that to wear and not to wear. Stereotypical “nerd” appearance includes very large glasses, braces, severe acne and pants highly lifted up. In the media, many nerds are white males, portrayed as being physically unfit, either overweight or very thin. Products that would appeal to the members of the group.

Geeks love games, books, all types of food, music, electronics. Summarize the story using the graphic organizer. Beginning – a man ask the bus conductor 1. – Bus conductor is negative 2. – Another person joins the debate – Old woman 3. – Another one joins the debate – old man 4. – Another one joins the debate – girl 5. – Suddenly all start discussing END – he talk with the police about the incident. What generalizations are used by the characters in the story? Old people doesn’t see young people as good as them If you don’t dress properly your parents haven’t got any control Are there any stereotypes?
No because they are all negative Discussion Who fault and could I have been avoided The bus conductor because he was rude Name some stereotypes of the Danish people. Has a great quality of life.

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English subculture
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