English one page memo

o:                  Members of English 202

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English one page memo
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From:              Kelly Green


Subject:          Introductory Memo Assignment


Your first assignment for this writing course is an introductory memo at least one page in length. Be sure to write this in complete sentences and paragraphs. You should have a formal tone in this memo, as if you were writing it to a new boss. This means be careful of your word choice. Keep in mind that you do not have to answer every question, but you should try to give a good background of who you are and what your writing is and has been.  This assignment is written in memo format, so try to follow that.


You will follow memo format for this assignment.


Part One:


Tell me about your educational background, your interests, your achievements and your goals. Why did you pick the major you did? What courses have been most helpful to you?

Part Two:


Describe your experiences and your goals for writing. Do you have a positive or negative association with writing? Explain. What kinds of writing have you done? Describe your best and worst pieces of writing. How has your work been evaluated i.e. what have been your strong points and weak points in writing? Do you ever write just for you or for publication? What do you see as your current strengths and weaknesses in writing? What skills do you feel that you will need for your future career? What kinds of writing do you expect to do on the job?



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