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Question: What kinds of logical inferences about the heroic Greek society depicted by Homer can we draw from the depiction of Thersites and his exchange with Odysseus in Iliad 2.246-324? More specifically, what do we infer about the prescriptions and prohibitions of the martial code, an honor system extolled by heroes, but not by the common soldier? Finally, what kinds of differences between the values of epic society and our own does this passage illuminate that influence reader response? 


1. The Iliad Translated by Robert Fagles (ISBN 978-0-14-027536-0) ONLY. NO other translation can be used.

2. Introduction must be NO more than ½ page, and MUST be a rework of the prompt

3. Must be ORIGINAL work, and will be submitted to Turnitin.com (Please include plagiarism report)

4. Must use proper MLA formatting (must cite line numbers. Ex: 1.35-96)

5. Must have numerous in-text citations with proper citing, along with no more than 2 block citations. 

6. Minimum 1800 words (6 FULL pages, not including Work Cited page)

7. MUST include these words in proper context (and italicized) 

a. time– honor earned while alive

b. geras– prizes won in battle

c. aristeia– excellence in war

d. kleos– glory earned after death

e. martial code- code of conduct for heroes in battle (MUST BE USED)

8. MUST be written using present tense

9. Reference Books 1, 2, & 5

10. DUE 9/13/19 2300 (11:00 pm)EDT

11. Please ask if you have any questions. DO NOT ASSUME. 


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