English Comp -Essay/ Research Paper/Book writing clear Essays chap 12and 13

 I am posting the assignment below early in case people want to get started early.

Literary Analysis Research Essay 
It is extremely important that you have read both chapters 12 and 13 in  Writing Clear Essays before you start writing this essay. 
Make sure that you have read chapter 12, “Writing About Literature,” very carefully since it gives great suggestions on how to write this paper.
Goal: Analyze a short story using research and your own interpretations. You may choose any of the six short stories at the bottom of this page. 
Length- 1000-1200 words. Double-spaced, size 12. 
This essay must include research. You must use MLA writing style, have a Works Cited Page, at least five in text citations, and use at least three outside sources. 
Here are the six short stories to choose from. You can find these online by doing a Google search. None of the stories is very long, so you might want to read all of them before deciding on which one to write about. You will find ample research on all of these short stories and authors. 
“Yellow Wallpaper” (Charlotte Perkins) 
“The Chrysanthemums” (John Steinbeck) 
“To Build A Fire” (Jack London) 
“A Worn Path” (Eudra Weldy) 
“The Storm” (Kate Chopin) 
“Everyday Use” (Alice Walker) 
Per the syllabus, you must post a rough copy of your paper by Mon., Aug. 20,  so you might want to get started ASA

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English Comp -Essay/ Research Paper/Book writing clear Essays chap 12and 13
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