English Assignment

Hello. Just a little introduction:Jews and others-Socialist, Communist, Anarchist and Christians, among them-through Europe engaged in acts of resistance to the Holocaust, sometimes as armed partisans, sometimes by sheltering people needing sanctuary, and sometimes simply by refusing to relinquish their faith.  

Please help me to write a 3-4 page paper, typed and doubled-spaced, with footnotes(important), and works cited/bibliography, about the overt and convert responses to Nazi occupation and repression.By simple words how people resisted the Nazi.  In addition, please credit all sources, every facts after each information provided like for example-text(web-site www.homework.com, author,title,date published). In my case, please use ONLY internet source. We will use all our sources on the board in class, and I need to be able to show the footnotes and discuss them  based on the essay. 
Please use 3 or more different articles, and how it was reflected on other countries.

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English Assignment
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Things to check out: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising; the group called White Rose; and the Kindertransport. Please include some information from New York Times magazine about this topic as well. Thank you!


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