english 2 papers each one 550 words

Essay Exam #3 

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english 2 papers each one 550 words
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The essays generated by this assignment will be collected to demonstrate satisfaction of 

General Studies Attribute 8: Cultural Awareness. The attribute states that students will be 

able to: 


*Demonstrate a fundamental knowledge of world geography within specific global issues. 

*Demonstrate knowledge of major historical and contemporary events affecting ones’ culture 

and other cultures. 

*Compare beliefs, belief systems, and ideologies that may be different from their own. 

*Develop insight into the nature of language and culture. 

*Investigate the variety of human cultures and demonstrate an understanding of the ways in 

which cultures have changed. 

*Analyze global and cultural arguments, identifying the underlying premises. 


Choose one of the following questions and answer using your book/notes. Do not use outside 





4. In Tayeb Salih’s “The Doum Tree of Wad Hamid,” Salih draws on Sudanese oral culture 

and the Western literary tradition to write about the experiences of the Arab world in the 

wake of colonialism. How does Salih use folklore to represent the conflict between 

modernity and tradition? 





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