ENGL 214: Midterm Exam, Part 2——–at least 500 words

There are two assignment options for Midterm Exam, Part 2: 

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ENGL 214: Midterm Exam, Part 2——–at least 500 words
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  • Option B: Create a project—including objective, supporting resources, assignment description and assessment—for students who are studying poetry



Given the open specifications of this assignment, I don’t have a specific rubric created.  Each assignment will likely be different given the ideas and different interests of each person.  I hope you will select a project that is meaningful to you, and pursue your own curiosity and creativity.  


Your assignment is to create an objective and project for students of any level that are studying poetry.  This “lesson and activity” plan can take any form of your choosing.  However, it must include a few key items:

  1. Identify your population: what level of students will you be serving?
  2. Describe your main objective for the students in detail: what do you want to help them learn?
  3. Include at least three (3) specific resources to support their learning.  These resources must be credible (use the “Evaluating Websites” guide under Resources), and include annotations that you have written.
  4. Create a project to help the students address your stated objective.  Describe this project in detail.
  5. Design an assessment piece.  How will you evaluate the students’ performance?

The document that you create can take any form you’d like; however, it must contain the abovementioned items.  I’ll look for specific content and detail.  I’ll also look for some element of creativity in this assignment.

Please label your submission as “Midterm Exam, Part 2–Option B.”

Complete the Midterm Exam, Part 2 and submit to your work through SafeAssign.  Remember that SafeAssign checks your work against other student papers as well as outside sources; therefore, it is imperative that you format and document your work according to MLA style. 




ENGL 214: Midterm Exam, Part 2

Grade Sheet

(20 points)


Content Check (15): _____ 

  1. 1.Appropriate justification for chosen project (5) 
    1. a.It is clear why the student pursued this project
    2. b.The writer explains his or her choices throughout the work


    1. 2.Appropriate resources (5)
  1. a.The resources are relevant to the project
  2. b.The resources are high-quality


    1. 3.Creativity (5)
    2. a.There is some originality in the project
    3. b.The students has moved beyond the minimum, stated requirements


Form Check (5): _____

    1. 1.The form of the project makes sense given its intended purpose and audience
    2. 2.MLA format and documentation is present and appropriate
    3. 3.Grammar/Mechanics utilize Standard English 



Total: _____/20



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