Emergency Management

Question 1  
Preparedness includes having plans and procedures in place to protect citizens. Prior to Hurricane Matthew making landfall, SC’s Governor implemented such a plan by ordering an evacuation of specific areas of coastal SC. But what gives an elected or appointed official the authority to order or compel someone to leave their lawful residence?  In addition to the Governor, others such as Fire Chiefs and County Councils, also have the authority to do so in different situations. For your discussion topic this week, I want you to research evacuations in South Carolina (or your state of residence) and submit a post of at least 200 words explaining one example of when an official (Governor, Fire Chief, Sheriff, etc.) can order an evacuation and under what circumstances. Be sure to cite the code of law or ordinance which grants this authority.  Do you agree with the reasoning behind the law or is an individual’s home their castle in which they alone are sovereign?  

 Question 2  
Select one of the core capabilities in the National Preparedness Goal and research and write in your own words an explanation of the capability, its role in emergency situations, and the importance of preparedness regarding that capability. If possible, note what agencies or organizations are or should be involved in the capability at the local and state level where you live. Include examples of preparedness activities for the capability.   

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Emergency Management
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Question 3 
 In your own words, explain the role of training and exercise in emergency preparedness.    

Question 4  
Based on our readings and what we see in the news, describe the importance of communicating with the public on an ongoing basis to improve awareness about known hazards and individual and household preparedness.


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