eLearning authoring tools on the Internet.

Describe how you would use the authoring tool to create a digital training for other trainers on social learning and how to incorporate social learning in professional settings using social media concepts. Use  
Articulate Storyline listed below

Include the following:

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eLearning authoring tools on the Internet.
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Examples of how social learning can be used in adult education and training
A detailed outline of how you would develop a training for other trainers regarding social learning in adult education and training
Activities you might incorporate into the training to demonstrate professional learning through social environments that include social media

Format the authoring tool and any other resources according to APA guidelines. 

Articulate Storyline
Articulate Storyline is a Windows desktop application that leverages a PowerPoint look and feel. It has a modest learning curve considering the flexibility it offers – especially if you already know your way around PowerPoint.

Quality of elearning output
If you’ve got the skills and competencies, Storyline allows you to author highly customized and engaging content. Like Powerpoint, you can control theme pages via project colors and slide masters. This makes it very flexible, but a bit tricky to control consistent branding over multiple courses and Storyline installations.
Most end-user interactivity is achieved through the use of triggers, which fire when a screen object is tapped, clicked, rolled-over, etc. When one of these user-actions is detected, other screen objects can be shown or hidden, auto page navigations can be invoked, variables can be adjusted, or media can be started/paused. This setup presents a lot of possibilities with no coding required.
Speed and efficiency of authoring
Storyline is a complex tool, so where organizations don’t invest the time in training, authoring efficiency can be limited. As one of the most widely used authoring tools, however, many designers have experience with Storyline already.
As a desktop-based tool, collaboration and review can hamper efficiency in the production process compared to cloud-based authoring tools. It can similarly be time-consuming to update content or fix bugs once projects are launched.
As a desktop-based tool, collaboration – and therefore scalability – is limited. It’s tricky to share courses with others for reuse, and assets aren’t housed centrally.
There’s an export feature that pulls out all the text from a course to aid translation, but manual adjustments are needed to ensure the new language(s) still fit on the page, etc.
Storyline strengths

Good flexibility and control in terms of content output
A commonly-used tool, so designers tend to have experience
Very active online community
Reasonably powerful test software simulation

Storyline weaknesses

Not truly mobile responsive – it just shrinks the screen
Collaboration and content updates can be time-consuming
Don’t get new features and bug fixes instantly
Can be very expensive if you have a lot of authors


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