EDUU 510 Journal #4


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EDUU 510 Journal #4
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Week Four Journal

1. Based on your reading of Burden Chapter 1, how do student’s and teacher’s perceptions of classroom

   management vary?

2.  View the powerpoint on “Classroom Management (Part I)” and read Burden chapters 3, 4 & 5. 

    Describe which of the 6 components of an effective plan you feel most confident about implementing

   and why. Describe which area you feel least confident about implementing and why. You may want to

   research the area you feel least confident about for your Class Wiki contribution this week.

3. Select one of the nine Teaching Channel classroom management videos in the “learning activities

   folder” to review. Describe the strategy illustrated by the teacher in the video you selected and how you

   might use the strategy in your own classroom.


Powerpoint attached below.



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