Education work Schools.


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Guiding Questions:

How did my elementary or high school reflect the goals of Brown vs. Board of Education? What is the level of segregation and integration? How does my school data compare to the other two schools I researched?

  1. Write the name of your high school
  2. Identify one more high school to study. Ideally, that school would be different from your own (e.g., you went to a private school so you study a public school). You can use the links below to find a school. You might also choose a school from your hometown. 
    1. School of your choice (ensure that at least one is a public school)
  3. Record their names. At least one of the schools should be different from your school (e.g. if you went to private school, pick a public school; if you went to a suburban school, pick one from the city).

    1. High School #1:
  4. Go to
  5. Find the following information for each school (You may copy & paste or screenshot this information)
    1. Overall Grade
    2. Racial Demographics
    3. Average SAT Score
    4. Free or Reduced Lunch Percentage
    5. Average Graduation Rate
    6. Teacher Average Salary or Teacher : Student Ratio
  6. Reflect using the guiding questions above


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