Education in B-school of South India

B-school of South India to be a part of this celebration. About Films The Faro institute of management studies Promoted by Faro College, and affiliated To Calcium university, is a new era Business school with focus on imparting superior management education for achieving professional excellence in organizational development. Fires a stalwart in higher school education scenario of north Kraal has been identified as a college with potential for excellence by the university grants commission.

Management fest isn’t Just a meet. It’s an educational revolution. When people who provide and participate in it Can interact in new imaginary ways, its gets even better. Like a canvas, made meaningful with the Vibrant colors, here rises Fins canvas 2014, to portray your managerial skills and talents. Fins presents, its first ever South Indian management meet to provide the perfect platform designed for open learning and fun in management. Canvas will grow to be a gathering place for the talents all around.

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Education in B-school of South India
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