EDUC 3012 Module 6 Project

Module 5 Project  

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EDUC 3012 Module 6 Project
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Course Project Assignment: Professional Development Plan, Part ISupporting  the professional development of staff is a crucial part of a child development  center director’s human relations efforts. Professional development not only  ensures that employees continue to hone their skills and knowledge (which  translates into high-quality care in the center), but also gives staff members  the chance to advance their careers and explore new opportunities in the field.  During this module, you will begin to develop a professional development plan  for the staff at the child development center that you manage.To begin,  select three specific staff types at your center (e.g., assistant teacher, lead  teacher, teacher aide, curriculum coordinator). For each of the three staff types, outline a professional development  plan that includes the following:The  stage of professional development for the staff type (based on Katz; see Figure  8.2 in your course text)At  least two goals of professional development for the staff type For  each goal, identify at least two specific resources or activities that might  help staff members achieve these goals (see Figure. 8.3 and pp. 168–169 of your  course text)For  each goal, briefly describe ways that you, as a director, might facilitate the  achievement of these goals for the staff members.For  each goal, identify any incentives or rewards you might offer for the  completion of the goal.The final  professional development plan, in the form of a 2- 3-page Word document  containing the information above for each of the three staff types, (in Module 6). 

ReadingsHearron, P. F.,  & Hildebrand, V. (2015). Management  of child development centers (8th  ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.    Review Chapter 8, “Human  Relations” (focusing on pp. 163–175)

        In this section of Chapter 8, the authors describe how directors can  effectively manage their relationships with individual staff members. Focus on the goals and execution  of a performance appraisal system.       Chapter 15, “Assessment and Evaluation”

In this chapter, the authors discuss how directors monitor and control for quality through assessment and evaluation. Focus on from whom and how data should be collected during  assessment and evaluation for quality.


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