edu 620 Wk6 db1

In examining what we have learned about assistive technology, it is hard to imagine not using some form of technology in our everyday world. Assistive technology is often used by employers who wish to enhance worker’s accuracy (spell checkers, recorders, etc.). Therefore, it is difficult to imagine the missed opportunity to use assistive technology in the classroom, particularly when transitioning into a society where it has become the norm to support work-related tasks and learning.  For the duration of this course, the benefits of assistive technology have been geared specifically toward students who struggle with gaining access to the general education curriculum. 

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edu 620 Wk6 db1
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Review the following video, The Case Against Assistive Technology.  Explain how your position on the use of assistive technology has evolved throughout this course. Would a reliance on technology provided in a school that a lower-income family cannot afford be counter-productive to the child’s education?  Explain how your philosophy about the use of assistive technology would argue against or for a universal approach to assistive technology. How has your knowledge about assistive technology used by individuals with disabilities developed?  In what ways are you better prepared to use assistive technology to support all students? 


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