Economic liberty

Deirdre McCloskey’s essay, “The Core of Liberty is Economic Liberty” asserts that, “economic liberty does not corrupt us, but rather makes us rather virtuous as well as very rich. It enriches in both senses, material and spiritual.”

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Economic liberty
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Do you agree with McCloskey when she says that economic liberty can enrich us in a spiritual way? Support your response with evidence from the three authors you’ve read over the last two weeks.  You must include at least two quotes from each author – Melville, Douglas, and Thoreau.

Your essay should clearly demonstrate an understanding of the historical context associated with Romanticism and Transcendentalism, “the era of good feelings.”  Specifically, you should aim to mention some or all of the five “i”s: imagination, intuition, idealism, inspiration and individuality.   

No other outside sources are allowed in the essay.   

Do not rely on plot summary or article summary for your support.  I’ve read all three reading selections thoroughly.  Summary of the reading selections offers very little assistance in supporting your argument.     

Essay must be double-spaced, 12 point font.  All quotes must be formatted properly.  Plagiarism is when you don’t use quotes properly.  See plagiarism handout.

In addition to answering the question adequately, your essay will be graded on organization, grammar, formatting and adherence to MLA standards for quoted material.

Since I’m providing the secondary source, no works cited page is required

Essay must be submitted to this link before 11:59 pm. on July 15, 2018.


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