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I need the 2 pages single space proposal in 24 hrs.
the final draft will deal later once the prof give the survey

The proposal should be no longer than 2 single-spaced pages (without the survey).

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Marketing Research Project: The marketing research project consists of two parts: a proposal
(20% of the final grade) and an econometric analysis (20% of the final grade). For the first part,
you will have to identify a hypothetical marketing situation faced by an organization and design a
survey, with which it would be possible to collect the data relevant for studying this situation. For
the second part, two surveys will be chosen for in-class data collection. You will perform an
econometric analysis of this data and write a 3-5 page report about your findings.

grading rubric: 
Set-up of the marketing situation/problem, its placement in context (6 points)
Originality of the problem (2 points);
Creativity of your solution approach to the problem (2 points)
Survey Design, clarity of the questions and instructions (3 points)
Appropriateness of the proposed survey questions in dealing with your problem (3 points)
Description of the econometric model/coefficients interpretation (4 points)


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