Answer the following questions. When it needs bring examples, in-text citations, and references. Do follow APA style throughout your writing. Answers should be minimum 2 pages, double space, Times New Romans.
Question 1.
In recent years, Zimbabwe has had hyperinflation, with prices tripling (or more!) every month. According to what you learned in this chapter, what do you think the government can do to end this hyperinflation?
Question 2.
The federal education reform law known as No Child Left Behind requires every state to create standardized tests that measure whether students have mastered key subjects. Since the same test is given to all students in the same grade in the state, this encourages all schools within a state to cover the same material. According to the division of knowledge model, what are the costs of this approach?
Question 3.
a. When the price of olive oil goes up, what probably happens to the demand for corn oil? 
b. When the price of petroleum goes up, what probably happens to the demand for natural gas? To the demand for coal? To the demand for solar power?

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