Throughout my four years at the universe sits of Gullah, I have learned one very important thing: learning does not end once you graduate high school or university, it is a continuous facet of life that should never be ignored but embraced. I am sure that learn something new every day. It may not be life altering; It may be something so minute that I missed the fact that I learned it. For example, each day In my anatomy class I learn how the human body works. Monday, I didn’t know that each vein doses’ have corresponding arteries, but on Wednesday, I did.
Just last week, I learn d how easy It Is to make tomato sauce. These little events led me to believe that learning never ends and I can use this new knowledge to better my life. The knowledge I gained in high school helped me to succeed in University, and the knowledge I gain In University will help me to succeed In the Job field. I know that over the past four years, I ha eve developed my skills and learned quite a lot. For instance, when I study for a test, it is not Just to memorize the material like I did in high school, but also to under stand the material presented to me.
This method not only helps me get great mark s on tests, but now can utilize this knowledge in my every day life. My faith re was a big coffee drinker. He drank 6 cups of coffee a day. After my first year of university, I Lear Ned how to research a topic and present In a simple, effective e manner. I researched the disadvantages and side effects of drinking coffee and GA eve this information to him, in the hopes that he would cut back, which he did. I have also learned that there AR information.

For instance, some people are better learners who n they are being lectured to: others learn better independent TTYL, I learn the best when it is hands- on. For instance, in my organic chemist ray class, I understood the concepts a lot better in the laboratory than in class. This as peck of learning also applies to my life as a peer helper. When I first became a peer, there were many procedures, and formats that I needed to learn. I found it very difficult to read a hand out, as my supervisor was lecturing me too. I decide deed that in order to understand these procedures, I need to physically go through h them.
This hands- on approach allowed Bases of Competence Skills Portfolio Specifications Fred Veers page 26 of 34 September 2005 me to understand this new information the best and help me to be the most effective at my Job. The development of my ability to learn is also apparent in my social life. In many aspects of my life, I have to be professional, something I never thought I needed to be. In high school, I acted however I wanted, whenever I wanted, even if it left a poor impression of me. I can remember this one incident when I was being particularly rude to my mother at the bank.

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