Due Sunday @ 8:30pm Assignment Four: Copyright in Your Work

**************** PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ***************************

You’ve created many works of authorship in your lifetime. Now it’s time to move past the artistic qualities of the work and consider its copyright and your rights as a copyright owner. Assignment 4 builds on the discussion project by asking you to consider the copyright implications in your post itself (in whatever form you posted it–whether a written or presentation-style post). Your post is a “work of authorship” that is copyrighted. In Part 1, you’ll complete a copyright registration form for your post (please don’t fill out the form for another personal work as I won’t be able to verify accuracy and it will result in grade reduction). In Part 2, you examine whether Full Sail has any copyright ownership or use rights in your discussion post. Your grade is an average of these two parts.
If you did not complete the initial discussion post, you will have to do so now in order to complete this assignment.

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Due Sunday @ 8:30pm Assignment Four: Copyright in Your Work
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Identify protectable interests and rights holders
Describe how to preserve ownership rights in intellectual property and personality interests
Exploit rights through use and licensing

Assignment Instructions
Complete the challenges posed in each of the 2 parts of this activity. This involves completing a copyright registration form for your week 4 licensing discussion submission and answering questions about the University student intellectual property policy.
Part 1: Prepare to Register Your Discussion Post
Copyright registration of creative works require the registrant to supply information about the authorship and scope of the registration. The registration form is designed to tell the Copyright Office the story of the work being registered —who created it, who owns it now, what’s included and what’s excluded from the claim, and whether the work has been made available to the public for sale, license or other distribution. In this part, you’ll address the following questions to tell the registration story of YOUR licensing presentation prepared for the week 4 discussion board.
Helpful References:

Help for specific kinds of works – http://copyright.gov/circs/ (especially circulars 1, 3, 45 and 55)
Pseudonym Fact Sheet – http://copyright.gov/fls/fl101.html
U.S.CopyrightOffice-HelpLimitationofClaim.pdf – www.copyright.gov/eco/help-limitation.html#examples  
Electronic Copyright (eCO) Registration System Tutorial – http://copyright.gov/eco/eco-tutorial-standard.pdf

3 Challenges to Address:

Go to http://copyright.gov/eco/ Choose the appropriate paper form (scroll down the page and look for Form TX or Form PA) OR start an account with the Copyright Office to practice with the online registration system.
Using the paper form or the online eCO system, complete the registration (stopping short of actually filing it for a fee).
Take screen snaps of the completed registration information to show me your work. If you use the online system, the Review screen must be included so I can check the content of your registration; in other words, I want to see all the content you entered, not just a final screen showing you are ready to pay. Individual shots of each of the data entry pages are also acceptable.

Part 2: Evaluate University Intellectual Property Policy
Anytime you are creating works of authorship at the suggestion of others, you need to be aware of whether those parties might have an interest in the work. In this part, you’ll address the following questions to determine whether University has any interest in your discussion post.
Helpful References:

University Student Manual https://orgsync.com/50056/files/596746/show  (Students enrolled before July 6, 2015) Intellectual Property Policy starting on page 95.
University Student Manual https://orgsync.com/50056/files/800433/show (Students enrolled July 6, 2015 or later) Intellectual Property Policy starting on page 104.

3 Challenges to Address:

According to the student policy manual, who owns the copyright in the discussion post that you submit? (see section 4.1 of the Policy)
Does the Intellectual Property Policy grant University permission to select your assignment from all those submitted by ILP students and use them as good examples of student work? (see section 4.2 of the Policy)
If University were to create a web microsite showing off all the best examples of student work:

Would it be able to register the web microsite as a compilation (see Copyright in Derivative Works and Compilations (http://copyright.gov/circs/circ14.pdf), and
Would University own the copyright in all the student work displayed on the microsite or just the selection and arrangement of the works?


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