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        Week 6 – Final Project       


Your Culturally Responsive Classroom PowerPoint and Final Essay

You  have been asked by your administrator to develop a PowerPoint  presentation and supporting paper for the staff. The purpose of the  PowerPoint is to give concrete examples, suggestions, and ideas to  create a more inviting family-school climate at your site, and to entice  the staff to read your full paper on the topic. Your Principal  understands your desire to make change at your school site and has shown  you additional research stating that family involvement supports  student success. In order for your staff to buy-in to this new paradigm  they must have the background knowledge and specific examples to  understand the necessity of change.

Therefore your presentation and paper must:

  • Address family needs and understanding


    • Analyze the importance of understanding that the family/parents are the expert regarding their child


    • Describe possible family stressors and include at least six resources to share with families


  • Summarize current definitions and understandings of culturally responsive teaching


    • Analyze research-based information regarding how culture influences  an educational setting and how to support families and students from  non-mainstream cultures


    • List examples showing the importance of becoming connected with  students’ families and describe from your own experience or from a  credible source one activity to support this relationship


    • Describe a method for using family-school problem solving with culturally diverse families


    • Analyze the role of culture and disability in your work with families


  • Synthesize an approach, from the previous points in the presentation/paper, to link your school and family with your community


The presentation  should include 10-15 PowerPoint slides (enough to entice your coworkers  to read your supporting paper) and a 7-10 page paper to accompany your  visual presentation. Your PowerPoint should include a title slide and a  references slide in addition to the 10-15 slides highlighting the major  topics described above. The purpose of the PowerPoint is to persuade  your co-workers of the importance of creating an inviting school  climate. The accompanying paper should be well organized and  professional and should be written in correct APA format as per the  Ashford Writing Center Guidelines. It will be a minimum of 7-10 pages  excluding title and reference pages. At least five scholarly references  are required, with at least two of those being credible  websites/resources to share with parents. Check with the Ashford Writing  Center for guidelines regarding what is considered a credible website  for a graduate level presentation.


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