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DS 3
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The Challenges of Copyrights: Scenario 3

Copyright and permissions can be a perplexing and frustrating fact of  education. The decisions you make regarding copyrights have ethical,  legal, and career implications. 

In this Discussion, you will consider a scenario in which you need to  make a decision on how to use copyrighted materials in your online  course.

Scenario 3: 

You have prepared a  presentation in which you have embedded a video you accessed on the  Internet. The presentation is posted as a resource in your online  course.

Consider how the elements of fair use apply to the situation. What  are the possible legal, ethical, and career implications? How might you  resolve the situation to use the piece in the most fair, ethical, and  legal manner?

Between Monday and Thursday of this week, use this group  Discussion thread to engage in a debate with your colleagues in which  you address the ethical and legal considerations of your  assigned scenario. In your initial posting, state your position on the  scenario, being sure to reference the Learning Resources or outside  research with appropriate citations. Then respond to two or more of your colleagues’ postings.

By Thursday:

Return to the main thread to complete this week’s Discussion Assignment.


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