Ds 2

Discussion: Criteria for Engagement

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Ds 2
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In this week’s videos, Dr. Dee Fink provides an overview of the components of active learning, while Dr. Kathryn Nantz discusses and demonstrates some of the changes she’s made in her teaching as a result of Dr. Fink’s ideas. Dr. Nantz was a veteran teacher when she encountered Dr. Fink’s ideas, yet she was encouraged to work with her colleague, Dr. Laurence Miners, on changing her teaching approaches to better engage her students.

For the Discussion this week, consider what you observe in Dr. Nantz’s classroom, what you have read about her teaching in the articles in Issue 119 of New Directions for Teaching and Learning, and what else you might be able to learn about her approach to teaching from her course documents. Then, use Dr. Fink’s ideas about active learning to analyze the strengths and potential areas for continued improvement in Dr. Nantz’s teaching.

By Day 3

Post your response to the following:

What do you see in the case study video that illustrates Fink’s strategies for engaging learning?

What do you see in the case study that could be improved to incorporate additional or different strategies for engaging learning?


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