Dr. J.M. Kenoyer on the Indus Civilization

ASSIGNMENT 2: “Dr. J.M. Kenoyer on the Indus Civilization
 Submission Deadline, September 13
This is a Web assignment.  Go to

1.  Read the opening remarks on Jonathan M. Kenoyer
2.  At the bottom of the page, click on INTRODUCTION.   This will take you to the essay, “A Brief Introduction to the Ancient Indus Civilization.” 
    As you read this passage, be sure to click on the following links in the passage, 
a.  Harappa (Section 1)
b.  Mohenjo Daro (under “Cities and Context”)
c.  Great Bath of Mohenjo Daro (under “Cities and Context”)
d.  Indus Civilization (under “Cities and Context”)
e. Harappa  (under “Cities and Context”)
f.  Charles Masson (under “Meluhha”)
     3.  After reading this material: 
    1.  give a summary of the contents of the material, and
             2.  comment on three topics that particulary interested you.

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Dr. J.M. Kenoyer on the Indus Civilization
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The submission link is located in the WEEK 4 block.
DEADLINE:  Sept. 13
WORDS: Approximately 700 words (650-750 as lower and upper limits)
FORMAT:  Paragraph (essay style).  Be sure to answer both 1) and 2) under b.
                 Also, please double-space.


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