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Review the concepts discussed in lecture and/or in the reading. Then find an example on the accompanying CD (Worlds of Music) or one you discover on your own, and explain how that concept applies to the sample.

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disscusion forum
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For example, you might note the section on Texture, Form, Style, and genre in Chapter 1 (pp 9-15 and 27-28). Then you might listen carefully to CD1:7, “Folsom Prison Blues.” Why is the texture called homophonic? How would you describe the form, style, and genre of this music?

Spend one paragraph reviewing/describing the concepts you are exploring, and two paragraphs tying them to the piece you choose. Your example can be drawn from the CDs, or be an outside video of your own discovery.

Whatever you choose, post a link to the video or audio source, or upload the audio. Let us know who and what we are hearing, and why you feel it connects to the concepts you chose.Write thoughtfully and well. (300 words)

After you post your discussion, look for  other students’ postings to reply to. Look for students with zero or one response. Write 100 or so well-considered words that engage directly with the content of the post the student made. Then do the same for a second student, again looking for those with zero or one response so far. (200 words total between the two responses.)


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