Discussions Due Thursday by 2 pm

Discussion 1

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Discussions Due Thursday by 2 pm
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Think about a conflict you have experienced either in the workplace or in a significant personal relationship. Describe the situation briefly and consider which response to conflict was demonstrated by either you OR the other person in the conflict.

Include in your discussion the types of power you and the other person in the conflict may have been exhibiting. Answer the following questions using specific strategies from the reading. Failure to cite specific strategies will result in a loss of points.

  1. What communication strategies did you use to resolve the conflict?
  2. What kind of power are you showing?
  3. What kind of power was the other person showing?
  4. Look at other elements of communication (Non-Verbal, Verbal, Culture, etc.), then pick two elements from the example of Conflict and discuss how these may have affected the situation.

Discussion 2


 You read an article, “Leslie Brinkman at Versutia Capital,” this module. Take another look at the article and discuss the questions in the last two paragraphs of the article, “Was Leslie doing too much herself? Did she delegate sufficiently? Should she get an outside coach to come in and observe her and give her advice on her management and leadership practices? Was her team losing its passion? She had not lost her passion, but why did she feel that she had more passion than her colleagues at Versutia?” Also discuss how Leslie could improve herself as a leader and a facilitator to improve company morale. 


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