Discussion – Theory in Children’s Literature


  1. Read and view the readings and resources relating to modern day child development and educational theories found in the Word document titled “Theoretical PerspectivesPreview the document“.
  2. After reading and thinking about the “Theoretical Perspectives” readings and resources, select and read a favorite children’s book–a book you have not already read for this class. (Note: Public libraries and storefront book stores have wonderful children’s books sections!).
  3. After reading your selected children’s book, consider how developmental and educational theories were applied in t he writing of the text/illustrations of that book. What theories can you identify as being used in the creation of the book? Consider how theory was used and applied to audience and purpose the book was written for, and then consider how theory is applied as a reader interacts and interprets text/illustrations.
  4. Write a focused 2 paragraph analysis on how and why the writer applied developmental and educational theories in the book they wrote. Be sure to identify the theories you feel were applied as well as a full explanation as to how and why those theories were used. Be sure to include the name of the book you read, the author’s name, in text citations (as needed), and a work cited for the book you read.
  5. Post your 2 paragraph analysis in the Discussion Board using the posting directions below. 
  6. Read the postings of your peers in the Theory in Children’s Literature Online Discussion and think about your classmates’ ideas and how those ideas reflect various developmental and educational theories.  
  7. Write two responses–respond to at least TWO peers’ posts–commenting on an idea that affected you the most, and then explain how and why that idea affected you. Each response needs to be at least 150 words in length.

Use examples from your own experience and from the readings and resources for this unit to support your comments. (Remember to cite source ideas according to MLA 8 rules.)

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Discussion – Theory in Children’s Literature
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