Discussion Reply- Response 1-2 paragraphs with 1-2 references

In your responses to your peers, consider how policies can be used to respond to and reduce global health disparities. How can they counteract the social determinants of health? Compare and contrast your professional role as a nurse  with your peers’ professional roles in dealing with the global health issues.
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In response to a situation like what is currently ongoing with COVID-19, there is most definitely a role that public health laws play on preventing or slowing the spread of the disease. According to a publication by the WHO, it states that public law plays a vital role in the slowing of the spread of infectious diseases.   This publication goes on to address the reach of public health law and its extent of is power is determined based on the seriousness of the disease.  For example, some disease is controllable by vaccines like measles or polio, whereas other diseases like HIV which take efforts such as education and support through of the individuals(Organization, 2016) 
There is definitely a role that healthcare policies play in reducing disparities.  In an article by Artiga et al., they discuss some of the ways that policies can be of assistance with closing the gap in healthcare disparities.  The recognition and validation of health disparities was identified many years ago.  One particular policy that assisted in this was the Affordable Care Act.  The ACA worked to expand and increase funding for community health centers.  This expanded funding, based on provisions that were specifically listed and it ensured that it focused on reducing disparities by partnering with offices of Minority Health  (Artiga et al., 2018).  When considering the current pandemic and the fact that certain minorities are impacted more than others, this type of increased funding could help to provide the additional education and support that is needed to keep the individuals safe.
As a nurse you are most definitely on the ‘front line’ of infectious diseases and global health issues,  thanks for all you do!  In an article in the ‘American Nurse Today’, it states that nurses are critical to global health.  The article highlighted key topics that are crucial to the global health issue, these include innovating primary care models, empowering women, understanding the impact of climate change on overall health, how telenursing can be used and a discussion of how policies can transform healthcare (American Nurse Today, 2017).  The difference between your role and mine is how the concept of front end and back end.  As someone who works in billing, I can be in assistance for looking for ways to fund the programs that will improve the health of the patients you treat.  It is truly a cyclical relationship.  

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Discussion Reply- Response 1-2 paragraphs with 1-2 references
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