Discussion reply.

 Provide a 50-75 word discussion reply to the following post below.   
To select my process to evaluate I went back to the last chore I had completed around the house, mowing the grass. To mow the grass I must have function lawn mower with adequate oil in the engine. Now, I have my process to discuss with the class, “How do I check and change lawn mower oil?”(How do I check and change lawn mower oil?, 2019), according to Briggs & Stratton.
The instructions are clear and I am able to follow them. I am also mechanically inclined person with some history of tinkering. I imagine that those seeking these instructions have much less experience than some like myself. The instructions seem to work for just about any brand, even though they are posted by Briggs & Stratton within their online support.
The online page is laid out sequentially, as it should. Your reading level does not have to be high to comprehend the line by line directions. They start out with some good when and why explanations before diving into the directives. This is followed up by the how to check for some of the why.
The actual third section, “Follow These Step to Change your Oil”(How do I check and change lawn mower oil?, 2019), are specific at the same time as missing some very key information. They are specific in how long to run the engine for a warm up and the weight of the oil to use. What is missing is the how to identify where to drain you lawn mower from. It simply states “Next, identify how to drain the oil” (How do I check and change lawn mower oil?, 2019), the drain plug or dipstick tube. If you’re a novice mechanic you might need some clarification there. There is a third way mentioned, that is using an oil extractor tool/tube. The bullet point steps only mention use of this tool/tube. There is never mention of where to stick the tube or how to utilize the other two ways you can drain.
Good on Briggs & Stratton for telling people where they can recycle the used oil they just drained. As most public corporate documents it ends off with a disclaimer or in this case a warning. Overall the instruction are ok. I would definitely dive into what tool could be required and really explain how to determine where the mower should be drained from.

How do I check and change lawn mower oil? (2019). Retrieved from Briggs & Stratton: https://www.briggsandstratton.com/na/en_us/support/faqs/browse/lawn-mower-oil-change.html

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