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Statistics can be found within all disciplines and mediums (television, radio, newspaper, magazines, internet, etc.).

Find statistical information that is related to your hobby or favorite interest.

Write a response to the following discussion question in the Discussion forum:

What was the statistical information you found? What does it show? Where did you find the information?

How does this statistical information relate to your hobby or interests?



One of my favorite past-times is watching movies and plays. About Time was a romantic comedy that came out on Nov. 1, 2013. The movie also contained science fiction elements because the main character could travel in time. According to BoxOffice.com, it made $1,076,250 the opening weekend, $15,322,921 total domestic gross, and $85,822,921 total worldwide gross. This particular website also describes the number of tweets and Facebook likes it received during its opening weekend (161,717 likes and a 14:1 positive to negative ratio of tweets by Nov. 15th). This information would be extremely important to people in the movie industry to determine the success of a movie. http://www.boxoffice.com/statistics/movies/about-time-2013


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