discussion question 7

Week 7 Discussion 1  

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discussion question 7
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“Curriculum Development” Please respond to the following: 

  • From the interview, identify two to three key positions in the development of curriculum in your selected school district (where you work or one with which you are familiar). Describe the roles each person has in the design and development of curriculum. Discuss the goals and constraints they have in designing and developing curricula. Discuss the curriculum design approach that is used. Identify strengths and weakness of the design approach. Discuss how the “Common Core” or other mandated curricula impact the school or district. I Choose (Norfolk School District) in the State of Virginia.  



Week 7 Discussion 2  

“Mandated Curricula” Please respond to the following: 

  • From the e-Activity, discuss the new movement to the Common Core Standards, Race-to-the Top, or state department issued curriculum standards. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of these initiatives that apply to your current or future educational setting.* 
    (*Note: This is a required discussion.) 

  • From the e-Activity, analyze at least three of the standards that currently have the strongest influence upon the educational environment in which you work or hope to work in the future. 

Week 7 eActivity  

  • Research the Internet or the Strayer Library, or both, to locate the Common Core Standards, Race to the Top, Standards, or state board or state department issued curriculum standards that are being followed within your state. Be prepared to discuss. 


Bottom of Form 

Bottom of Form 



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