Discussion Question 1 week 2


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Discussion Question 1 week 2
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Discussion: Barrier to Technology Integration 

  • What attitudes or policies do you see in your school (or job if you are not currently a teacher) that are barriers to adopting technology? What do you think causes these attitudes? 
  • Respond to at least one of your classmates. How can you work to change these attitudes and policies to make your school (or workplace) more open to try and adopt new technology?  
  • Review the responses to your own post. Do you agree with them? How can you be a connected educator in your own school/workplace? How can you encourage others to join you?  



This week’s thread is an interesting one and I can almost predict that most of us will add cost as one of the major barriers. I’m going to suggest that for the purposes of this discussion, we put that aside as the most obvious and easiest reason for any organization to turn their noses up about new adoptions. Edudemic has a very nice summary of reasons: 5 Biggest Barriers to Education Technology that might help you to think about some of the other barriers. 

What we need to truly focus on are the solutions and plans we can offer our organizations and institutions to encourage broader adoption of technology and technology tools. Keep in mind that adoption does not have to mean a 1:1 ratio of student to device for a school that cannot afford new textbooks. There are other forms of technology and I encourage you to think outside of the box here. 


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