Discussion Post/ and student response #4

This is a class discussion post that needs to be approximately 2-4 paragraphs in length. 

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Discussion Post/ and student response #4
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***Discussion Post should be followed accordingly each question asked needs to be answered.

********I will post the students response below.  With the Student response it should be 1-2 paragraphs in length reply to the students disccusion.

********************Discussion Post*****************

 In this week’s materials, we briefly discussed the issue of descriptive representation.  How important is it that a legislature is as demographically diverse as it’s constituents?  How might this effect the overall functioning and responsiveness of the legislature?  If descriptive representation is important, what are some ways that statehouses might become more diverse? 

************************ Student Response***************************


In Country like we have here in the United States, descriptive representation should be extremely important. I want to point out a key word, “should.” Yes, there should be very diverse representation, but I do not think the diversity should be the main factor in a candidate winning over another. The best candidate should win regardless of race, occupation, ethnicity ect. To make this clear, I am not in any way saying electing diversity assumes electing inferior candidates. Luckily for the the United States we have vast populations of capable candidates from all areas, races,  and ethnicities to represent local populations in a productive and meaningful fashion. The United States is a melting pot with extremely diverse views and cultures. It is nearly impossible for someone to properly represent a population that they 1) are not immersed in, and 2) probably do not even interact with. With out descriptive representation the legislature will most likely cater to few populations wants and needs. Although having diverse representatives might cause the functioning a little more rough, due to contradicting opinions, it would be overall good for the citizens they govern. The extra arguments and tension between members views would benefit a larger portion of the population. There is only one way for State houses to become more diverse. People need to get out of their comfort zones and run, and people need to get out and vote when election time comes. That is the beauty in our government system. Everyone has a voice, especially in local politics. If descriptive representation is a true problem, then society needs to go out and make the changes they want to see.

************ With the Student response it should be 1-2 paragraphs in length replying to the students work.


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