Discussion Humn 6651

For a nonprofit organization to be successful, it is critical that there is a healthy relationship between the executive director and board of directors. Executive directors need to take the time to make sure there are mutually understood responsibilities and expectations, good communication systems and a clear process for decision making. The case of Bernadine Healy highlights the impact on an organization when the relationship between an executive director and the board of directors is not healthy and is filled with mistrust.
For this Discussion, read the case, “Who Brought Bernadine Healy Down,” from this week’s Learning Resources.
With these thoughts in mind:
Post an answer to the following questions:

How did the lack of trust between board members and Healy manifest itself in this case? How was the relationship between Healy and the board dysfunctional?
What actions could Healy have taken to build a stronger, healthier relationship with her board of directors? What actions could members of the board have taken to improve their relationship with Healy?

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Discussion Humn 6651
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