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Create a fictional character (or real-life character but placed in your creative historical fiction writing) to fit a topic in Chapter 13.  Be SPECIFIC, lengthen your paragraphs, and use Internet source if you wish, but keep the comment in your own words. The SEVEN-PARAGRAPH (or more) comment is due Thursday, November 9, will get a ten-point deduction if turned in by November 16, and will not be accepted (or you must use your makeup comment) afterwards. (You can use Internet sources, but use your own words and cite your sources). Your choices are below:1. You are General Santa Anna, describing your involvement in the Texas Revolution and the Mexican American War.  2. You are Christian missionary Narcissa Whitman during her time in the Oregon Territory.3. You are Francisca Benicia Carrillo, a wealthy Hispanic woman in Mexican California (Research the Internet here).  4. You are a pioneer wife using the Oregon Trail to get to Oregon Territory in the 1840s.5. You are a cannibal pioneer and a member of the 1846 Donner Party preparing to eat others (Yuck!)6. You are a Texas rebel defending the Alamo during the War of Texan Independence in 1836 (Mention slavery!).7. You are President James Knox Polk plotting how to create an incident to start the Mexican War.8.  You are Representative Abraham Lincoln introducing the “spot resolutions” as an anti-Mexican War measure. 9. You are a Chinese immigrant in California visiting San Francisco and seeking gold in 1849.  10. You are James Beckwourth, an African American mountain man in the early nineteenth century

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discussion board
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