Discussion Board

Topic this week: This module reviews the components of the treatment system commonly used by people who have alcohol or drug problems. A wide range of treatments is available to these individuals and their loved ones. Many of these methods show at least some promising results in helping those who seek professional assistance in their recovery. Chemical dependency professionals try to match clients with the treatments that are most likely to meet their needs, but this remains more an art than a science. Mutual-help groups were among the first humane approaches to aid individuals with chemical dependency problems. They remain an important component of the helping system and have grown in number. Researchers are addressing any questions that have been raised about the effectiveness of treatment and mutual-help approaches. More efforts are being made to see that evidence-based treatments are being applied in practice. There is still much knowledge to be gained, especially given that much about the etiology of substance abuse and dependence remains a mystery, relapse rates are high, and many people never get help at all.

Discussion Board:
-Find a recent news article (2015 or newer) that relates to the content discussed in that week’s class. You have broad discretion in choosing this article. The important part is that the article is, in some way, related to the week’s content.
-In a few sentences, provide a brief summary of the article (the key points, particularly those that you find relevant to the week’s content).
-Describe how the article is related to the week’s content.
-Describe what new conclusions, insights, or understanding you have about the article after considering it within the context of what we learned this week. This is the most important part of the assignment – the goal here is to integrate what you learned this week into the way you are thinking about this article to come up with new insights or understanding that you wouldn’t have had before understanding this material.

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Discussion Board
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