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Decision-Making Bias Video
                    Tricia  posted,
The video I found did a great job of explaining Psychological Heuristics. It was not the liveliest video I watched, but the presenter was enthusiastic and provided a few good examples to compliment his explanations.
Availability Heuristic Biases really intrigued me because of an experience I recently encountered surrounding it. A little over a month ago, my husband and I visited Prague and Berlin. Prior to leaving for our trip, and while on our trip, the one thing we continually heard was that we needed to be extremely cautious while visiting Europe.
Their cautionary warring was their fear of us being hurt or killed in a terrorist attacks. Yes, there have been a number of attacks in Europe. They have been highlighted on the news and the media has presented these dramatic incidents over and over. So, when individuals heard we are traveling to Europe, they grab that bias shortcut – terrorist attack, and associate it with visiting Europe.
One of our friends were so worried about our safety that they sent us a Facebook message urging us to be aware of our surroundings, whisper if we were speaking English, and to not be out at night because there are people who do not like us and want to hurt us. 
Truth is, less than 700 people have been killed by terrorists in Europe from 2004 through 2016. Over 700 Americans die in their bathtub each year, and 37,000 people die in car accidents in the US. “Person dies while taking a Bath” does not make headline news, because it is not as dramatic as a terrorists attack.
I am not saying that one should throw caution to the wind and have no reserve about personal safety. Especially, when picking out your meals. After all, you are more to choke to death on their delicious cuisine then you are to be killed in a terrorist attack.
Now, go see the world and enjoy this beautiful land that God has created.

Is Europe Safe to Visit Right Now?

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