Discussion 6B Need by 12pm EST 9/18 Tomorrow

 Advocating for Data Driven Program

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Discussion 6B Need by 12pm EST 9/18 Tomorrow
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Part 1. Scenario

You are a new school counselor in a school that has not been using data to drive the school counseling program. The veteran counselor at the school said that collecting data is a waste of time.

  • What would you say to this veteran counselor? Support your thoughts with research from your readings. 

Part 2: Data drives Intervention

Professional school counselors examine student data (e.g., graduation rates, dropout rates, college-going rates, attendance, discipline referrals, report grades, school climate surveys, social-emotional data, etc.) to determine needed interventions. Using data garnered from these sources, professional school counselors design and create interventions and measure them using pretest and posttest scores. Data from these tests determine academic, personal/social, and college/career interventions.

With that said, select two sources of data you would examine if you were at the elementary, middle, or high school and discuss two relevant interventions that you would implement to assist students in the academic, personal/social-emotional, and college/career domain.

 Please include in-text citations to support your assertions. Always include a reference or references with your post to demonstrate that you have reviewed the literature. Posts should be written in a scholarly manner. 


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