Discussion 6

 According to Kaplin and Lee, the lawful application of an institution’s academic and behavioral standards has become a popular topic of review in the courts. Thus, more and more students are challenging program dismissals and course failure decisions made by their institutions—decisions that students deem to be unfair or improperly bestowed.

Picture yourself as a law school student in the first semester of your last year of school. You recently completed your fall term final examinations and learn that you failed a final examination in one of your three core courses. In this course, your final examination accounted for 60% of your final grade. With this failure, it is clear that you failed the course. However, the failure put you below the school’s overall 2.5 GPA requirement that law school students must adhere to. Based upon your suitable performance in your other law school courses and the six months that stand between you and graduation, you find the law school’s decision to dismiss you to be an unfair application of the institution’s policy. 

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Discussion 6
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 In your initial post, explain your basis for claiming an unfair dismissal. Other than immediate reinstatement, what are some strategies for resolve that you would consider and why? Be sure to explain how these differing strategies can benefit both traditional and non-traditional environments and attain the same outcome: graduation. Provide an example of a court decision that contained similar facts and upheld your position. 

 Textbook: A Legal Guide for Student Affairs Professionals, Chapter 8 

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