PrepareReview the Discussion Requirements above. ResearchReview the Academic Integrity and Plagiarism (http://ucumberlands.libguides.com/c.php?g=504168)  video.  Then research at least two recent articles concerning  plagiarism incidents in the news.  The article should be no more than  two years old.  Use the issue presented in the article to continue the  discussion using the guidelines below.TasksIdentify  and discuss the plagiarized issue within the article, then address the  following questions in your main discussion post:

In what way did the plagiarized work impact others? 
What was the penalty? 
Present your own advice on how to prevent future plagiarism 

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SubmissionUse the submission requirements above to make all postings to the discussion board. You  should make your main post submission by the Third day in the week.  Initial post and subsequent responses must be supported with at least  one properly cited APA source.Discussion post should  follow the APA writing styles. I highly encourage you to stay focus on  the discussion topics.  Responding to the main focus of the discussion  is very important to the overall assignments. Attachments: do not submit your posts and replies in an attachment, you must post directly to the discussion board. ReplyFollow the discussion requirements above to engage your peers in a conversation about this weeks discussion topic.


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