discussion 3-2


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discussion 3-2
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When one enters an ongoing discussion with other members of a community, one can expect there to be participants in that conversation who are looking to be informed so that they can adopt a position on an issue as well as other members who will already have adopted views that differ from (perhaps even counter) our own perspective. 

Consequently, if I were pressed to identify the two most important rhetorical moves made in an op-ed (and to a certain extent, an infographic), I would say they are (1) provide multiple reasons for your position and support those reasons and (2) anticipate that others will disagree with you and prepare to address their opposing views. 

For today’s discussion board prompt, I ask you to do some of this thinking as preparation for your own argument(s) to be delivered in your op-ed and your infographic.

Please begin your response by identifying the specific topic, issue, or question around which you will craft your position in your op-ed and infographic. For instance, the question addressed in the 4 op-eds could be phrased “What needs to happen to return students safely to public education institutions for fall semester instruction?” And, if you have not done so previously in other discussion board posts, briefly explain why this issue matters to people in your field and/or our society.

From there, announce your position on the topic, issue, or question and provide one or two reasons for your position in relation to that topic. If you want to take an extra step here, introduce a piece of support or a specific rhetorical move you may use to add backing to this/these reasons for your view. 

Finally, discuss how you will address those members in the ongoing discussion whose perspective will differ from your own. Specifically, how or what will these community members who oppose your own view think about the topic, issue, or question you are addressing? Strive to highlight a potential shortcoming with your opponent’s view OR discuss one rhetorical strategy you can make to diffuse your opponent’s position.  


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