Discussion 1: Social Research

Discussion 1: Social Research. Go over Ch 1 powerpoint lecture (find the attachment), watch the YouTube clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHuEoZ97BgA and answer the following questions:

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Discussion 1: Social Research
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Q: Think of a question about SOCIAL life that you are interested in knowing more about. It can be anything (but not strictly medical or biological – must have social elements)! Then, look up your subject on Google Scholar here: https://scholar.google.com/ Spend some time examining the links that come up – pay particular attention to the “abstracts” or “summaries” of relevant articles or books to get some idea of what research is already out there.

First, clearly identify your topic. Then, briefly summarize at least TWO sources you found on your topic. Also, provide a weblink to them, and/or citation information. 

Next, formulate a specific research question or hypothesis based on what you discover, and discuss how you would plan to collect data if you were to do a real research project on this issue. What specific research method(s) will you use, and what specific population will your sample consist of? How will you gather the data from your sample (method)? Finally, what do you predict that you will find from this research?

The post should be 2 paragraphs (about 200 words). Write it as simple as possible.


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