Discuss the concepts of the Ideal Ruler

1. Gilgamesh, as a ruler, has portrayed a character that stirred up the necessity of having a leader who does not just have the time but also the passion for service. He drew his strength in leadership from his intelligence, bravery and respect. It was his skills that encouraged social consciousness among his people that heightened their aspirations to search for answers for the freedom of his city. Amidst his many battles, he has been grateful to God for the skills that he has.
The image of a warrior and a soldier being an epitome of discipline and bravery among all the people in his city appealed to Gilgamesh greatly. Gilgamesh has shown his strength when he made it to the top of double cliff of Mt. Mashu on his way to Utnapishtim. Apparently, this is just one of the rather resilient moments of Gilgamesh. The ruler, who, at all times, exhibited instances of valor, made his journey while holding characteristics of a true hero. 2. The Odyssey was a great epic led by the main character, Odysseus who holds a group of men for more than years.
He led the group for years and all this he did with an innate love for his country, his crew and his self. The inevitable fact however comes with its entire weakness when Odysseus pursued his plan of getting through the walls of the Trojans by making a giant wooden horse. Odysseus had one man to present the giant horse to the Trojans as a sign of peace. Not knowing what’s inside the horse, King Priam of Troy, freely accepted the gift and had merriment together with his people.

After such, when everybody was falling asleep, Odysseus and his men sneaked out from the wooden horse and murdered every man in the palace, including the King. Odysseus was known for his bravery and brilliant minds. But like any other ordinary hero, he too, has his own weaknesses. As a leader, Odysseus demonstrated a deceitful act towards the Trojans and seldom reserved his humble personality because of his pride.
Despite everything though, he was able to portray the good traits of a true leader – clever and gallant, that is. . Augustine, a man of “mystical piety and great philosophical acumen” was always hungry for knowledge. And this carnivorous-like desire entrapped him to be enamored with different philosophies and works – Manichaeism, Platonism, and Cicero’s Hortensius. These might have influenced him to write the greatest of his writings – Confessiones, De Trinitate, and De Civitate Dei – but they don’t hold a candle to what move most believers, Augustine’s conversion. Augustine’s faith was not handed to him on a silver platter.
It was a faith earned even if it took all his life to achieve it. He was rather free in choosing his own religion. But in August of 386, Augustine was subjected to incessant pressure from the stern ethical demands of the preaching Ambrose, the Bishop of Milan. Augustine was worried and was carried by anger to his own self for rejecting the will of God and for not entering into His covenant (Confessions 8. 8). And as he stood there in the garden, he heard the voice of a child saying, “Tolle lege,” which means take it and read.
Augustine took the Bible and read the first passage he came upon, Romans 13:13-14. And after reading such passage, he underwent a dramatic metanoia, a profound life-transforming experience wherein all his human desires were completely surrendered to God. 4. Oedipus’ being a King is no surprise for he was born as a prince. The people of Thebes had seen evidence of that. He was raised as a leader in a group of men who were happy during his time of leadership. He took responsibility on his people and was doing well on it. But what weaken him most were his low temperance and his pride.
He couldn’t take hold of it for long that sometimes it was the only thing that was pulling him down. One instance that described how low-tempered Oedipus, was the time when he crossed the highway and had a group of people before him. He wanted to go ahead of them and because of his impulsiveness; he jumped off and killed the group excluding one man who was leading it. With the scene, it can be concluded that despite his being a good leader and a king to his people, he too, can be as evil as any wicked beast could be to anyone who may break off before him.

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Discuss the concepts of the Ideal Ruler
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