Disaster Recovery module

Question 1:

1)Select a company either real or fictitious.

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Disaster Recovery module
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2)Complete describe the company including the business and where the company is located
3)Determined that minimum service says that must be maintained for that company after a disaster what service should be restored fast what services do you think can be put off until later

Question 2:

1)The facilities coordinator is a critical role put yourself in the position of that facilities coordinator

2)Determined and list the qualities you have that would make you an excellent candidate for this position

3)Determine and list the qualities this position demand that you lack
Write a proposal for upper management on why you think you are qualified for this position.

Question 3:

1)Search for information on systems and equipment failure on your favorite searching engine 
List what might be done to provide fall tolerance for a single system
List what might be done to provide fault tolerance at Data Center level

Question 4:

1)You are part of a disaster recovery team charged with completing the asset inventory at a small business that primarily Sells a small section of products to the public
Establish a sample hardware Asset list for this company and classify those assets as tire 1,2,3 assets
Develop a list of the software needed to restore operations of the small business.

Question 5:
1)your organization has approximately  10 tb of data and you needed to decide if your organization should have on-site or offsite tape storage.

2)Your organization must be able to easily recover data no older than one month as an operational requirement

3)your organizations further  requirement is that recovery operations much to resume at minimal levels for all systems within two weeks of a total catastrophe at the data center.

4)Decide how your organization should house it’s backups.

Question 6:

1) A major hurricane has struck the area where your company has its central data center. there are offsite backups and hardware at three other centers around the country.
2)assume that the area is suffering greatly from the hurricane impacts and your company cannot continue operations untill the central data centers operations resume 
3)brifly describe the acctivites that needed to occur to setup the emergency operational center for your company ,and where you company should locate the center.

Qusetion 7:
1) you have been asked to test the disaster recovery plan for a small business in your area .the company has backup plan that is well documented.
2)Describe the steps you would use to test the plan to ensure that the backup plan would function in case of an actual emergency.


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