Digital Project – DUE in 2 HOURS

You will create a digital project using Adobe Spark Web. This will focus on important historical events directly related to your family history.

“Army Impact on World War 2” – Family Aspect 

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Digital Project – DUE in 2 HOURS
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In order to make a presentation using Adobe Spark Web,, (Will Share Account Information) which will enable you to access and use Spark Web for free. The Spark Web presentation must include both audio and visual elements and be at least 15 minutes in length. The project must contain at least 4 primary source images/pictures/documents/audio and/or video clips acquired during your research. You must use a total of 10 sources, 4 of which are the primary sources listed immediately above.  The other six must be scholarly secondary sources. At least two of these must be scholarly, peer-reviewed, academic journals. You will cite all sources in proper Turabian format, and include a bibliography at the end. The presentation must contain a clear thesis, analytical discussion of evidence to support that thesis, and a concise conclusion summarizing findings and proofs of thesis. 


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