Define 5 Key Words From Each Chapter—50 Words For Each Key Words

Key Word Bank

Chapter Nine:
Key concepts: labor force, women workers, economic system, global economy, globalization, multinational corporations, paid and unpaid labor, domestic work, gender division of household labor, comparable worth, horizontal and vertical segregation, occupational segregation by gender, primary labor market, secondary labor market, glass ceiling, glass escalator, glass precipice, sexual harassment (quid pro quo and hostile work environment), double day of work, second shift, “pink collar.”
Chapter Ten:
Key concepts: violence against women, sexual terrorism, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, stalking, rape spectrum, sexism and other systems of inequality and privilege, media, misogyny, patriarchy, battering, physical abuse, incest, global trafficking in women, women and war, Internet, cybersex, forced prostitution, pornography, survivor, men who abuse women, hate crimes, violence against LGBTQ individuals
(I only need two from Chapter Ten)

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Define 5 Key Words From Each Chapter—50 Words For Each Key Words
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Chapter Eleven:
Key concepts: state, institutions, government and representation, law, femme couverte, British common law, suffrage, Founding Fathers, U.S. Constitution, Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, Supreme Court, women politicians, public policy, gender gap, ERA, social welfare, social justice, bootstrap myth, Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), marriage equality, criminal justice system, jail and prisons, police, military, women in the military, gays and lesbians in the military, homophobia.
Chapter 13:
Key concepts: Feminism, activism, politics of knowledge, future trends, backlash, coalitions, multi-issue, multistrategic, reform, transformation, global issues, globalization, integrity, priorities, economic vs. political democracies, liberation, sustainability, capitalism, consumerism, environmental justice, pollution, peace, justice-based politics.

Answer format:
Chapter One:
Key word 1: …
Key word 2: …
Key word 3: …

Chapter Two:
Key word 1: …
Key word 2: …
Key word 3: …


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