Db unit 2 | Law homework help

As with any class I have taken, it is important to have a firm understanding of the week’s objectives to ensure assignment outcomes address the necessary information.  To accomplish this, I review the assignment details, read the assigned chapters and review the week’s learning materials paying special notice to the MUSE.  After reviewing this information, I then research the online library and the Internet.  The most important thing to remember about the Internet is it is full of information but all of it may not be valid (Evaluating sources, 2013).  This has to be evaluated when researching information related to the week’s objectives or topics.  Once all research is conducted and the assignment is written, a good rule of thumb is to re-review the deliverables for the week to ensure the outcome effectively addresses the objectives. 

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Db unit 2 | Law homework help
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     Time management is very important to ensure all of these steps are completed in a specified time line. To juggle family, work and school, I attempt to listen to the scheduled live chats, complete a solid, detailed outline by mid-week and then have a rough draft completed by Friday.  This allows me time to re-review the current week’s objectives to ensure the assignment details are covered to the best of my ability.


     The topics of each unit will further support my career aspirations in management by fostering a better understanding on the many avenues of discrimination and employment laws and regulations.  As a future manager, this course will ensure I have a working knowledge of the various laws and regulations that could cause potential issues when interviewing, promoting, disciplining or firing employees.


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