Daniel hade

Shaina Gilbert Prof. Conway English 101 November 26, 2013 It is an obligation since elementary for children to learn about the U. S. history.
However, some historical books feed our children and society inaccurate stories to cover some lies that our prideful country, the United States of America is hiding from To paraphrase, Hade talks about The American Girl Collections how the stories in those books are so inaccurate that the United States tends to hide the issues, or to focus less on the consequences of some issues as a result for our children to grow up ith the belief that the United Sates is this perfect and progressing country, where the United States always have a happy ending (563-572).
Related to Hade’s approach of inaccurate stories, the conspiracy of Martin Luther Kings death falls into the same category. Our history book always taught us that Martin’s assassination was done by a lone gunman called James Earl Ray. However along the line, cases and investigations have proven that Martin Luther’s death was all a conspiracy involving the FBI, military, CIA plotting against civil rights leaders. The government and media anage to cover up by providing the public misinformation to protect the pride of the United States, that the U.

S. would never have such corrupted agencies, that USA should always be the best, the example of many (Halyard). We all knew that it was never about a racist gunman, there was more to the situation but again the government partially revealed the information, for the purpose of how people will look at the United States and it is the same point as Hade said about his article that our children are taught lies and even adults had to grow up with those lies for the protection of the US’s reputation.
He argues that “the books are too busy telling the students how great the United States was and still is to give them much real history'(Hade 568). It is true, we all know that books will never admit that we were wrong for some part, on the contrary books will brush off the real issues or the real story of the issue to present the United States as being on the right side and doing the best of all. Martin Luther’s death until this day is still not fully revealed to the public and will never for the sake of the prideful fgure that United States have. Quoted by Hade, “These books… ems to connect with the ultimate American goal” (572), and he is right we have given stuff that only they decided we should know to protect the American goal.

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