d2 due tonight

Summarize different models of self-disclosure and their uses in interpersonal communication to strengthen, distance, or manage relationships.

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d2 due tonight
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In Bevan and Sole (2014), Chapter 7 addresses the concept of “self-disclosure” and links its relationship formation and psychological health. In this discussion, you will take on the importance, and potential risk, of disclosing information on social network sites.

Prepare Icon

Prepare: As you prepare to write this discussion post, take a few moments to do the following:

Reflect Icon

Reflect: Take time to reflect on what you deem to be the role of self-disclosure and how norms of when it is appropriate can change over time or in various contexts.

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Write: Based on what you have learned in class this week, address the following:

  • Why is self-disclosure important in both forming bonds and becoming more self-aware?
  • Where and when should social disclosure occur?
  • Share an experience you have had, or heard about, that involved self-disclosure on social networking websites. Relate your experience to what you have learned in class this week about social penetration theory or other aspects of communication.

Thoroughly address all three elements of this prompt by writing at least two to three sentences on each element. Use the course readings at least once to help you make your points. Consider copying and pasting these tasks into a word file and addressing each of them separately.

Your initial response should be 200 to 300 words in length and is due by Thursday, Day






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Terri Orbuch, a University of Michigan researcher who has studied hundreds of married couples for more than 20 years, talks about the role of communication in happy marriages — and how you can use her findings to strengthen your relationship

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