cyber crime

***** DUE 05/12 at 10am EST****
Answer each question 

1.  Explain the 5 methods of Identity Theft.  Which do you think is the most difficult to prevent? (100 words)
2.  What behaviors in your life make yo a target for identity thieves?  Are there certain demographic groups that are more likely to become victims? (100 words)
3.  What are the 5 forms of cyber bullying from electronic communication?  Which are you most at risk for? (100 words)
4.  What can we do to protect young people from damaging harassment online?  Other than formal legislation, what steps can taken to prevent cyber bullying? (100 words)
5.  What are the 5 motivations of hackers? Please explain them and determine which is the least credible and why. (100 words)
6.  According to Rogers, what are the 7 categories of hackers?  Which are the most dangerous and why? (100 words)
7.  What was the first piece of legislation to address hacker activity?  Do you feel that the argument by hackers that information should be free and accessible to all internet users is credible? Why or why not?  (100 words)
8.  Does the First Amendment apply to terrorism groups and their online presence?  Explain, why or why not?(100 words)
9.  Do you believe that the freedom of the Internet should be inclusive of these groups that offer coursework online to recruited members, or should they be banned from online forums?(100 words)
10. Explain what Cyber Terrorism is and discuss a few forms it can take. Is Cyber terrorism a viable threat?  Who is affected by Cyber terrorism? What can the government do to protect our infrastructure from being affected by Cyber terrorism? (300 words)

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cyber crime
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