Customerization Marketing

There is now a growing trend in the field of Marketing. And it is called customerization. But what is customerization? How it works? And why it is needed in this field? Customerization now focus on what the buyer or customer wants. Companies are now focusing on being buyer or customer centered than being seller centered as a way to entice more customers and provide better service to their clients. Customerization allows the seller to know more what the customer wants in a specific and detailed manner.

In this way the customer will get exactly what he wants and that the service will be satisfactory to his liking. The service is one – on – one to make the communication process between both parties understandable to each other. The service be personalized to the customer’s liking. As it may be easier to the customer this way but it it will be difficult to the buyer or the company that will offer this service. Why?

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Customerization Marketing
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The company must get every information about the client or customer, the expectation on meeting the client’s specific demands and to deliver according to the client’s wishes. It will very because the information process is “complex” and time consuming to say the least. Pricing of the service will now vary from customer to customer now that the service is personalized from customer to customer. Accounting for these will be difficult and time consuming.
But what caught companies to this trend is that now they know what their client need, how they want the service to be completed and how to met the demands and expectations of the customer. Now that is being service oriented,. That somehow create more customer turnout because now people will know how they can the best value of their money for the services they are paying. Reference Marketing Science Institute. (2000) Customerization: The Next Revolution in Mass Customization Retrieved November 27, 2007 from Http://www. msi. org/publications/publication. cfm? pub=10


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